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Placing an order

Placing an order has never been easier! Once you have decided which type of service you require (see                     for more information), all you have to do is contact us!

Step 1: Fill in the appropriate form to place an order. These forms can be found under the 'place an order' tab in the menu.

Step 2: Once we have received your form, we will send you a quote.

Step 3: Review and accept the quote. Attach the file you wish for us to work with (if applicable). On our end, we will send you an invoice.

Step 4: Upon payment of your invoice, we will return your work to you. Please note that we cannot send your work until we have received payment.

Step 5: Let us know how we did! Pleased with our service? Leave a review for other potential customers!

Placing an order does not oblige you to send a payment. 

It is only once you have confirmed and accepted our quote that payment is required. 

Please note: if you are opting for the FLEXI plan, payment can only be sent at the end of the process.


If you have any pricing related questions, contact us 

Once you have received our quote, payments can be made via PayPal, most credit/debit cards or bank transfer. 

Ready to order?

Simply click the appropriate option and fill out the form!

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