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5 reasons to get your work proofread.

With advanced technology at hand, people nowadays tend to rush or even altogether discard proofreading their work. Microsoft Word's grammar & spell checker lures some into a false sense of security. Though it is superficially useful when used properly, it is not enough when dealing with important texts such as essays, books and so on. Maybe one day, computers will become so intelligent that they may take over the world, but today is not that day. So, without further ado, here are 5 very good reasons as to why you should be getting your work proofread:

Nothing complements a proofreading session better than a coffee


1) Some mistakes may be small, but they are certainly costly.

Picture this;

The head of a company to whom you have sent an application for a sought after position opens up his email inbox. Frowning, he sighs as he looks at the mountain of applications he has received; 37, to be precise. After half an hour of painful skimming, his mouse finally hovers over your email. He expertly singles out the relevant information.

Graduate, great communication skills, enthusiastic, keen eye for for detail...

Chuckling, the business man shifts in his chair a little, wondering how someone could have shot themselves in the foot so effectively. If this applicant cannot spot such basic mistakes in their own CV, they certainly cannot be relied upon to draft important documents. Well, at least he got some entertainment out of it.

The disastrous effect of one small, solitary mistake can be seen in the example above. They're so easy to correct, and yet so disastrous when left standing. Don't let yourself be in this situation!

2) Proofreaders bring a fresh pair of eyes.

Often times when writing, authors have become so familiar with their own text that they breeze right past obvious mistakes. These same mistakes would jump out of the screen to a proofreader, as the text is new to them.

3) It can be an educative experience.

Going beyond spelling, having your grammar corrected may teach you a thing or two on the topic!

4) It helps to determine whether your work is clear and concise.

You know what you mean, but will your reader extract that same meaning? Having a proofreader handle your text will give you a good idea as to whether you have successfully conveyed your ideas in the way in which you wanted.

5) It can add professionalism to your work.

Surprisingly, typos have never been known to bump up credibility. In fact, they impact heavily on a text's quality and standard. You might have put together the most riveting of accounts, but as soon as a reader spots a typo, they likely will automatically think less of it. The same goes for an examiner marking an assignment or any other written work. An error free text flows refreshingly well, which results in a delightful reading experience!

These are 5 of the most important reasons to have your work proofread. Please don't hesitate to comment and discuss this post; the more the merrier!

(Please excuse any typos, they're all ironic anyway.)

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