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Help, writer's block!

Struggling with writer's block? Here are a few tips on how to deal with it.

> Take a breather

If you're mind is coming up blank, it's probably because it's over tired. Give yourself some rest, be it an hour, a day or a week. You'll be surprised with how much a little break can help.

> Get a fresh perspective

Sometimes, you can be so familiar with your own work that it hinders progress. Having a friend or family member look over your work can always help.

> Talk it through

Speaking to yourself may sound a little crazy, but its a method that has been used to verbally grind through the block. Stuck on a plot development? Talk yourself through the events which have brought the story to its current standing, and ask yourself questions. What would be the most likely even to follow? What would your protagonist and/or antagonist do?

> Move around

Changing environment promotes the flow of creativity and new ideas, and can stimulates your imagination! Why not go for a walk?

> Have some tea

There's nothing quite like tea to help ease the mind. As a British, I hold the firm belief that a steaming cup of tea can do wonders!

Most importantly, do not allow yourself to remain in the frustrating state brought about by the block. Staying in that cold, dark place will sap all your creative juices. Do what you must in order to shed the shadows cast by that terrifying, brick wall that is writer's block!

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